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Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and find out more about Henley Investments’ exciting plans for Regent Park. We have worked hard as a project team to develop our vision for the site and now we need your help make this a reality. 

The first stage of community consultation has now closed. Thank you to everyone that has engaged with us during this period and who attended our two community webinars.

Phase two of our public consultation is now live, click here to visit the webpage.

Our public webinars took place on Wednesday 1 March and Tuesday 7 March. You can view a recording of the presentation by clicking here.

"At the heart of our placemaking-led, people-first vision for Regent Park is a new urban park, which will provide much-needed green space for Salford residents. Our Masterplan creates a safe, walkable and inclusive neighbourhood where nature and architecture work together harmoniously, fostering a community that prioritises liveability and wellbeing"

The Location

Regent Retail Park is situated on the border of Salford and Manchester,  located between Regent Road (A57) to the south, the railway line to the north, Oldfield Road to the west and Ordsall Lane to the east.

The retail park was designed and developed 30 years ago during a boom period for out-of-town retail parks. They were places people would drive to, spend a day shopping, and drive home. Since then, consumer shopping patterns have changed significantly with the shift to online shopping, where physical stores require less space, and town centres have a growing emphasis on dining, leisure and experiences. 

The surrounding area is also experiencing a period of substantial change, with developments like Middlewood Locks continuing to change the landscape of this part of Salford, and the impact of the Salford Central Masterplan.

As such, we want to transform this space into a new neighbourhood centre, one that continues to meet the needs of the local community over the long-term by providing places to gather, eat & drink, shop, relax, work and live.

Our Placemaking Vision

We began our work last spring, by getting to know the site and the local area – its demographics, infrastructure, green space and homes. Our work led us to three key liveability drivers that our vision for Regent Park is based upon:

Enhancing a sense of wellbeing

We want to create a place for people to dwell, walk and cycle, that encourages activity and action, centred around a new green oasis for Salford. Regent Park will reinvigorate and reinvent the existing site, providing new uses and benefits for everyone to enjoy, creating a safe, healthy and existing place for people to live and visit.

Instilling a sense of community

Regent Park will be designed for and around people. We envisage that the public realm will be prioritised for pedestrians to encourage walking and cycling, external spaces will be flexible for outdoor dining, activities, markets and events to encourage engagement, and homes and the buildings will be designed to promote interactions with neighbours.  With a focus on civic pride, art, local business, and leisure, Regent Park will have its own unique identity built by the people that will live there. 

Embedding sustainability

We want to raise the bar for sustainable living. The site has been designed so it is centred around a new green space, embracing the natural world at the heart of the scheme. During construction, advanced methods and new technology will be used, so the buildings can encourage more efficient living. By ensuring Regent Park lowers its impact on the planet, we can create a sustainable and aspirational new neighbourhood that can future generations in Salford. 

These liveability drivers underpin the decisions taken and the designs developed for the space, working together to create a connected and community-focused new neighbourhood for Salford.

Masterplan Principles

Our masterplan has developed from the ground up, carefully evolving step by step to show how this new neighbourhood for Salford can start with a park and grow into an exciting new urban community.  


Regent Park: Our Proposals

Our masterplan provides the starting point for creating a liveable, welcoming place that people want to visit, spend time at, and enjoy. The objective for Regent Park is to create:

  • A New Urban Park
  • A Vibrant New Community
  • A Connected Place 
You can find out more about each of these elements below, and in detail via our Virtual Exhibition. 

A New Urban Park

We want to put the wellbeing of local people at the centre of our scheme. That is why our proposals have evolved to reserve approximately five acres of green space throughout the development and create a new park on the scale and ambition that Salford and the local community needs.

Our working vision for Regent Park is to create public spaces for everyone to enjoy, so we have divided the park into four separate areas with their own distinct characters and purposes. 

You can click on the image to find out more about each of the areas. 

We would love to hear your thoughts on what makes a great park and what you would like to see take shape within Regent Park. 

Oldfield Yard

Visitors and residents alike will be welcomed into the site from the west by an entrance which befits the scale and importance of the area. Art and lighting inspired by the site’s railway and industrial heritage will create a gateway that encourages people to explore the dynamic open spaces.

Mineral Place

Mineral Place will form a thriving new public square, with bars, restaurants and outdoor seating that connect the central park to the western entrance.


The Park

The centre of the development will be home to a new urban park for Salford, providing a green heart for old and new residents.

The park will also be available as outdoor event space available for leisure and culture events, from concerts in the summer to markets in the winter.

Ordsall Steps

A colourful gateway walk to-and-from Manchester city centre, with water fountains, street gardens, outdoor seating and food and drink vendors. Ordsall Steps will be a place of activity as people enter and exit the site from the east.

A Vibrant New Community

We want to bring to life a new neighbourhood, one which is safe, green, walkable and inclusive, which is founded on a strong sense of community. Still serving as a Neighbourhood Centre for Salford, our ambition is to reinvigorate the site and provide new homes, shops and services that more closely meet the needs of the local community – now and in the future.

A modern residential development in close proximity to local services, Regent Park will provide attractive new homes to help meet the housing demand of a growing population, with its own unique identity.

A vibrant public realm will weave through the site, offering places to stop, relax and talk with neighbours, friends and family as well as flexible spaces to support local businesses, art, culture and leisure. 

A Connected Place

Situated on the border of Salford and Manchester, Regent Park is a site of opportunity – a place that can benefit from better connections for the people that live there.

The new neighbourhood will have clearly defined gateways that celebrate your arrival and leave you looking forward to your next visit. Within the development, the linear heart will be completely pedestrianised, so we can introduce new footpaths, cycle routes and walkways.

These improvements will extend outwards to Oldfield Road and Ordsall Lane. New lighting and wayfinding will guide people around the site and towards their next destination, with our plans including significant pedestrian improvements under the railway line on Ordsall Lane towards Middlewood Locks. Our cycleways will connect into existing popular routes and the national cycle network.

We want the space to integrate into the local area and make travelling to, from and through Regent Park easy – by foot, by bike or by public transport. 

Virtual Exhibition

Welcome to our virtual exhibition! Here you can have a look through our information boards and find out more about our vision for Regent Park. Click on the numbers to open the boards and find out more.

Community Webinar

During the consultation period, two webinars were held online to allow residents to meet with members of the project team, including our Architects, Masterplanners, Landscape Architects and Town Planning Consultants, ask questions and find out more about the proposals.

The webinars were conducted using Zoom and were held between 6pm and 7:30pm on Wednesday 1st March and Tuesday 7th March.

If you were unable to attend either of these webinars, then you can view a recording of the presentation and Q&A session held on Wednesday 1st March by watching the following video.

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If you have any questions about the proposals, please check below to view our answers to frequently asked questions. For all other questions, please visit the Keep in touch section for alternative methods of speaking to the team.

Henley Investments is bringing forward plans to redevelop Regent Retail Park, into a new, green neighbourhood for Salford.

Creating a modern residential development close to local services, Regent Park will provide attractive new homes to help meet the housing demand of a growing population, centred around a five acre green space running through the heart of the site.  The delivery of proposals will see significant investment into the area, creating a new Neighbourhood Centre with shops, restaurants, and other local amenities  that can meet the needs of future generations. 

The application site is the c.130,000 square feet of retail space in the northern part of Regent Retail Park, currently occupied by Costa Coffee and JD Sports at one end to TK Maxx at the other, and the associated car parking. On the boundary of Salford and Manchester, the retail park itself lies between Regent Road (A57) to the south, the railway to the north, Oldfield Road to the west, and Ordsall Lane to the east.

The development proposals are concerned with the northern portion of the retail park only. Sainbury’s supermarket, its petrol station, and the current occupiers of the store to the south east of the site (Dreamland Imaginarium) will not be affected by the proposals.

The retail units are held under lease and the earliest they expire is 2026. As such, it is several years until we anticipate the stores will have to close which provides ample time for the retailers to forward plan with their staff. 

The site is owned by Henley Investments, who purchased it in October 2020. Henley has a strong track record of significant residential and commercial projects that positively contribute to the local area and their communities. 

The site was developed more than 30 years ago when both the local area and shopping habits were very different to now. In the 1990s, retail parks such as this were places people would drive to and spend a day shopping. Since then, consumer shopping patterns have changed significantly with the rise of online shopping. Physical shops are changing and many retailers require less space. Our town centres are also changing, with more emphasis on dining, leisure and experiences. As a result, regeneration is needed to ensure that the site continues to meet the needs of the local community over the long-term.

The new development will make use of the existing internal road within the retail park,  accessed from Ordsall Lane to the east and Oldfield Road to the west, which have further onward to connections to Chapel Street (A6), Trinity Way (A57(M), Manchester’s inner ring road) and Regent Road (A57). 

Residential parking will be provided but as we are seeking to promote more sustainable modes of transport, vehicle movements will be deliberately limited – the linear centre of Regent Park will be pedestrianised with through access maintained for fire, refuse and service vehicles only.

Yes! The linear centre of Regent Park will be pedestrianised, with new footpaths and cycle routes installed throughout and ample cycle parking provided for residents and visitors alike. 

New streets and routes will knit into the wider community, running out of the site and opening up connections with nearby neighbourhoods like Salford Crescent, Middlewood Locks, Spinningfields and Castlefield. Also, with a new pedestrian and bike-only bridge on the horizon to connect this part of the city with the exciting new Factory International development, future residents and visitors will have safe, quick and easy routes into St John’s Quarter. 

There are a number of public transport options within a short walk or cycle ride from the site, such as Deansgate Railway Station, Cornbrook Tram and Salford Central Railway Station. A number of bus routes also serve the area, including the 33 and 33B. Salford Council is also exploring the potential to realign the Metrolink extension between Salford Crescent and Salford Quays in the future, to further enhance access to the site by public transport.

The site is a designated Neighbourhood Centre under Salford City Council’s planning policy, and Henley Investments recognise the value of the existing retail to the local community. However, the site is outdated and through significant investment in the area, we can move the site on from a retail park based on the needs of the past, to a new, improved and vibrant district centre.

The redevelopment will continue to provide the valued shops and services currently available, and complement it with a diversity of stores, restaurants and leisure uses. As a modern residential neighbourhood, it can also help to address the housing crisis across Greater Manchester, providing much-needed high-quality new homes. The scheme will provide jobs during and after the construction phase, as well as knock-on benefits for shops and services from the additional spend of new residents living at the development.

As our designs are still at an early stage, you have the power to influence how the plans for Regent Park are brought forward. We welcome any comments, ideas or thoughts on what you would like to see and how the scheme can benefit you.

Henley Investments is committed to meaningful engagement with the local community and is determined to deliver a scheme that local people can be proud of, by involving local people from the start.

This consultation is just the first stage of our process: a chance to showcase our vision for Regent Park and hear from you about what you like (or don’t like!) about our ideas, and share your thoughts on what the space could provide. The consultation is live until Wednesday 15 March 2023, so make sure your comments are with us before then. 

All the feedback you provide during this consultation period will be reviewed in detail and used to shape our designs. There will then be a second stage of consultation on more detailed plans around spring/summer, and once both stages are complete, all feedback will be collated in a Statement of Community Involvement (SCI).

This SCI document sets out how we consulted the community, and what the response to the plans have been, and will be submitted alongside the planning application to Salford City Council later in 2023.  

Your Views

The first stage of community consultation has now closed. Thank you to everyone that has engaged with us during this period and who attended our two community webinars.

We are determined to deliver a scheme that local people can be proud of, by involving local people with our plans from the start, which is why the proposals are currently being revised in accordance with the feedback which was submitted. We will be inviting you to have your say on our proposals again later this year.

If you want to stay up to date with the proposals, you can register for updates by filling in the form below:

The information you provide will only be used for the purpose of this scheme. The data will be held securely in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and General Data Protection Regulation. You can view our privacy policy by clicking here.

Register Your Interest

If you are interested in a new home in this part of Greater Manchester, we would be delighted to hear from you. Please register your interest below and Henley Investments will keep you updated as the plans progress.

Keep in touch

The consultation has now closed. You can get in touch with the project team by: 

We look forward to hearing from you!

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