We want your views


Between 27 February and 15 March 2023, Henley Investments carried out the first of two stages of public consultation relating to the plans to redevelop Regent Retail Park into Regent Park: a new green neighbourhood for Salford. By creating a modern mixed-used development, centred around a five acre green space running through the heart of the site, Regent Park will create a new urban community for everyone to enjoy.

More than 430 people shared their views during the consultation, including from local politicians, residents, businesses, and community groups. The main concern that was raised was around the loss of the existing shops and services currently in place at the Retail Park.

The site is a designated Neighbourhood Centre, which means that the provision of shops and services that serve the community is recognised in government policy. In response, the plans for Regent Park include the re-provision of a similar amount of space for retail.


Thank you to everyone who shared their views about Regent Retail Park and its future. Your comments are invaluable in helping to shape our plans for Regent Park. For more information and updates to the scheme, please head to https://regentparkconsultation.co.uk/

As part of our vision, we want to create a new neighbourhood for Salford that provides exciting places to gather, eat & drink, shop, relax, work and live. Paramount to this, is understanding how the site can continue to meet the needs of the local community over the long-term. Our plans include the re-provision of retail and other flexible spaces, so we want to know from you, what you would like to see provided.